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What are the purpose dermal fillers?  How do they work?  What will I look like if I have filler “done”?  Is it right for me?  I don’t want to look overdone or plastic like.  How long will it last?  These may be just a few of the questions you have if you are considering having some cosmetic procedure done, specifically fillers.  So let us address these questions in this blog and tell you about our approach at Fryer Dermatology.

The use of fillers provides you with an opportunity to enhance your own natural beauty.  We want to know what you as the patient see when you look in the mirror.  What areas would you like to change? Then we can discuss how to achieve your goals.  Loss of volume can make you look older, so by adding back volume in certain areas of your face we can soften that look. The fillers we use in our office are for lips, cheeks, and lines and wrinkles or folds on your face.  Adding volume to these areas can help you to look younger and feel great.

The fillers we use are all made from Hyaluronic Acid. This is a substance which occurs naturally in our bodies.  You know how a baby’s skin has that soft, glowing, spongy look and feel? That is what we are trying to get back. By injecting Hyaluronic Acid fillers into certain areas, we attempt to “turn back the clock” in a way and recapture some of that young look and feel.

Your results will be immediately visible.  And while people should not look at you and say what did you have done, more likely they will think that you look relaxed, well rested, or may ask you what you have done that is different.  You may have a small amount of swelling or possible bruising but within 1 – 2 weeks that will disappear.  The impact of the treatment will last approximately 9 – 12 months, that will vary for each person and some people see results lasting longer as they repeat treatment over time.  After this time, the areas treated will just go back to the baseline of where you were before.

Dr. Jennifer Fryer stresses that listening to our patients is paramount, and she will never inject in a way that does not look natural.  At times we see patients who have had procedures elsewhere but are not seeing the changes they had expected.  Our goal is to give you honest answers about what will change, what you can expect, and help you to look and feel your best.

Call today for a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Fryer and see how fillers can help you to Pump Up the Volume and have you looking and feeling your best.

This is the second blog in our series What is THAT!?

Do warts come from toads? Are warts contagious? Do over the counter remedies work for warts? Can warts be dangerous?  Fryer Dermatology answers your questions about warts.


What does a wart look like? They are mostly skin colored, whitish, white with black spots, bumpy, or may look like something else; there are many ways that they appear.  All warts are a result of a virus – the HPV viruses to be specific - but there are different strains of this virus.  Most often, warts appear on hands and feet but really can occur anywhere on your body. Warts like the protein layer of your skin which is thicker on your hands and feet, that is why we commonly see them there. While warts seem very simple, they actually are not and present a challenge to treat.

What you see is a growth, but you should think infection, inside and under the growth. Since we don’t have a medicine that kills the virus we have to treat them indirectly, by removing or destroying what we see on the surface. We do this for two reasons:  to cut it off and also hoping for an immune response – that your body will do its job and your immune system will attack and kill the virus from the inside.  Your body can build up immunity over time.  Often more than one treatment or more than one type of treatment is needed.  Freezing, burning, cutting, and topical creams that are designed as a homing signal for your immune system to draw white blood cells can be used by themselves or in conjunction with one other. There are over the counter treatments like liquids with salicylic acid which can be effective again on their own or in conjunction with what is done in the office.  At times your dermatologist may recommend using an over the counter remedy like that which can dissolve the wart layer by layer and also debulk it which in turn aids in other treatment.

Feet present an additional problem. When a wart is on the bottom or your foot, typical treatments may cause more of a problem than the actual wart. Most of us cannot stay off of our feet and the area of treatment could be uncomfortable or become more irritated then the original wart itself. Many of us have heard the term Plantar Wart and while it sounds like a type of wart it really just means a wart that exists on the bottom of the foot or the Plantar surface. Less aggressive therapies may present the best options and that decision should be made between you and your dermatologist.

We always try to treat within what makes sense for the patient.  In and of themselves warts are not generally dangerous. When are warts more concerning? Genital warts present a special case and may lead to additional concerns.  Also warts on people with compromised immune systems present a challenge. There are warts that can look like cancer and a skin cancer that looks like a wart but your dermatologist can make that determination.

Warts are contagious – they are after all viruses. But there is a certain amount that has to do with susceptibility and we are not all susceptible to the same things.  People with warts do not need to isolate themselves but you can spread them back to yourself if you pick at them or shave over them.  So take sensible precautions, such as using shower shoes at the gym, or put a towel down where you step out. Use reasonable precautions but do not be obsessive about it.

The next time you see something on your skin and wonder “what is that” contact our office and make an appointment to see one of our dermatologists or physician assistant. We can not only tell you what it is but also guide you through treatment.  Check back to our blog for more editions of “What is That!?”.

Fryer Dermatology wants to help you understand what you may be seeing on your skin, what you have been told by or have read about.  Remember, these blogs are not meant for self-diagnosis rather it is for informational purposes.  If you see a change on your skin, please contact us so that we can examine the area and give you a proper diagnosis.  

This is the first in a series of blogs addressing the question many of you have: What is That?  Maybe you noticed some type of growth or patch on your skin and you are wondering what it is.  Perhaps at another doctor’s visit they saw something and told you what they thought it was.  So while we are in no way encouraging self-diagnosis, or Google diagnosing for that matter, you may wonder what things are and what these terms really mean.  While we make every effort to make sure that our patients understand what we see on their skin, there are times when the explanation does not stay with you or you just want more plain speak about what things are.  That is the goal of this series. 

In this blog we will discuss Skin Tags which while not terribly glamorous, are a very common type of “growth” from your skin. They are rarely dangerous.  They are extremely common and are often not something that you can prevent.  Many people will have a skin tag at some time in their life time and a dermatologist can help you with this issues.

Skin tags are a normal degenerative change in skin. Simply put, it is an extra piece of skin that comes off the surface and hangs there.  Skin tags most commonly occur under your arms, under your bra, neck, in skin folds, or can really be anywhere that you have repeated friction. They are not dangerous and not cancerous. The only medical reason for removal would be if the area is getting infected. Most often we remove skin tags for cosmetic purposes or if it is in an area where it just gets in the way or bothers you.  There is really nothing you can do to prevent skin tags. Why do you get skin tags? Genetics play a role, the way you are shaped, and your weight can be the factors in addition to repeated friction in the area. 

Removal of skin tags is relatively simple. In general we remove them by cutting them off without or with anesthesia, depending on the number, site and size of those being removed.  After removal, the area requires little wound care; possibly just a little local antibiotic ointment. And while they do not grow back, you may get new ones in similar areas because that is where you are prone to get them.  As there is no medical reason to get rid of skin tags, insurance does not cover them but removal is very reasonable priced.

So the next time you see something on your skin and wonder “what is that” contact our office and make an appointment to see one of our dermatologists or physician assistant. We can not only tell you what it is but also guide you through treatment.  Check back to our blog for more editions of “What is That”.

As we announced in our previous blog, Fryer Dermatology has added CoolSculpting to our services.  In that blog you can read all about how the technology of CoolSculpting works.  But what will you experience here in our office when you decide to Freeze Away the Fat? Here is a glimpse of what you can you can expect.

Since each case and person is different, you will of course start with an individualized consult.  This can be part of or as a result of a regular visit to our office, or you can schedule a Complimentary NO COST consultation with one of our medical providers.  We will discuss your personal goals, look together at areas which would be treatable and discuss what a realistic outcome is for you.  We will explain in detail how the procedure works and make you comfortable with the process.  We will use a template which we lay over the areas you want to treat. This shows us and helps you see the specific area the applicator can treat in a session.  Once we discuss what your goals are, what can be treated and how many treatments it may take to achieve your goals, we can schedule your sessions.  The most important thing you need to know is that you are an individual and your treatment will be tailored to you and only you.

Treatment Day is Here

You’ll arrive at our Melville Office in comfortable clothing ready for treatment. We will get you settled into our dedicated treatment room solely used for CoolSculpting patients.  We will take 360 degree photographs for your “before” photos so we will have a point of comparison.  Next you will step on the scale, not because CoolSculpting makes you lose weight, but significant weight change can impact your overall treatment outcome.  And now the colorful part, we will draw on your body with several colored pens marking specific treatment areas to pinpoint areas we are going to freeze. 

Now it is time to apply the CoolSculpting machine.  We will clean your skin thoroughly with a specialized cleansing pad. Most of the applicators have a gel pad that is first placed on your skin.  This will feel cold and wet. The vacuum applicator is placed over that. This will draw the area of fat into the cooling area.  Once the session begins you may feel some tugging and cooling on the area being treated.  This will quickly dissipate as the area becomes numb in the first few minutes of treatment. We will make you comfortable with lots of pillows and blankets if you like.  While your treatment is happening, we will be in and out of the room to check on you but all you have to do is sit back and relax.  We will have snacks and drinks and hand you the remote control for the TV or movies you can watch. You can talk on the phone, play on your iPad, or just ask us to turn out the lights so you can take a nap! 

When the CoolSculpting machine is finished, we will remove the applicator and gel pad.  Next it is time for a 2 minute Deep Tissue Massage of the treated area.  This may be a little uncomfortable, but studies have been done which show that doing this improves the efficacy of the procedure by 68% so there is no question that it is important and worth it! If you are having more than one area treated, we will repeat the process for the next area until you are finished.

That’s it! You are done! NO NEEDLES, NO BLOOD, NO CUTTING.  You are ready to go on with your day. Go back to work, go to the gym; you have no restrictions and can go about your business.  You may experience a little soreness which will go away in a few days.  Numbness in the treated areas is common and normal and goes away after a couple of weeks.  In no time at all you will be feeling and looking great.  After about 6 – 8 weeks we will have you return for a follow up visit to see how you are doing.  If you are having multiple treatments done on the same area, we can plan your next visit; if you are treating different areas these can be scheduled sooner than that.  It is so important to remember that everyone is different and we will customize your treatment based on your goals and what we feel is a reasonable expectation.

Sounds easy, right? So are you ready to take that step to feeling and looking better in your clothes? Getting rid of that extra bulk in an area that may look just fine to others but bothers you?  Contact us to today for a FREE Consultation and take your first step to Freeze Away the Fat and look and feel your best!

*All experiences and results are individual and may vary.

After a great deal of research and consideration, Fryer Dermatology is proud to announce that we are now offering CoolSculpt in our Melville, NY office.  When we make a decision to offer a new service like this, we not only think about what aesthetic goals our patients are looking to achieve, but also what technologies in the marketplace are based on sound research and science.  CoolSculpt offers an opportunity to both debulk and sculpt certain areas of your body so you can look and feel better. It is not a miracle weight loss procedure and it does not take the place of the benefits you get from exercise. Yet CoolSculpt offers a completely non-invasive, way to reshape your abdomen, flank (love handles), submental area (double chin), thighs, back fat or bra fat areas with minimal discomfort and NO NEEDLES, NO DOWNTIME, NO CUTTING, AND NO BLEEDING.

In order to understand what CoolSculpt is all about, let’s first talk about weight loss and fitness. Getting our bodies into the shape we desire is a complicated process.  So many of us watch our diets, maybe even try the latest fad diet.  Most of us go to the gym, not just to do cardio, but also to work on specific areas like our abdomen, love handles, or back.  And especially as our bodies age it seems like it gets harder and harder to bounce back into the shape we once had or maybe never quite had.

Most of us think that every time we lose or gain weight we are losing or gaining fat cells, right? Actually, no.  By around the age of 18, your body has produced all of the fat cells that you will have for the rest of your life.  As a result, losing or gaining weight results in those cells either shrinking or swelling.

So what would happen if we could get rid of some of those fat cells? You could target specific areas and shape or sculpt those areas by getting rid of the fat cells in that spot.  And because fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other cells in your body, the CoolSculpt technology can target and destroy just fat cells in specific areas of your body (sparing the skin and surrounding tissue) by using an applicator to cool that area to the desired temperature for a specific period of time. The process is very precise and predictable as researchers have determined the exact cooling temperatures and durations for each body site.

Once treated, the fat cells die after about 3 days and over the next several months your body will naturally get rid of them.  Some patients will need 1 treatment for an area and some may need 2 or 3 treatments as everyone is different.  And the change in your appearance can be permanent given relatively stable weight.

If you are looking for a way to enhance how you look and feel, contact us and schedule complimentary consultation with one of our providers and see how CoolSculpt can help you freeze away that fat!

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