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To Botox or Not to Botox, That is the Question

Everyone ages, after all, it beats the alternative. In past blogs we have discussed some things you can do to help prevent your skin from showing those signs – like staying out of the sun, wearing sun screen, having a good daily skin care routine.  But, inevitably, many if not most of us do start to see those signs of aging – the dreaded wrinkles.

So now you have them, what are you going to do about it?

In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Botox for temporary improvement of the look of crow’s feet and frown lines.   The use of Botox specifically addresses lines resulting from repeated muscle movements. (Since that time, it has been approved for other uses such as excessive sweating and migraines.)  Botox is a $2.5 Billion industry with over 4 Million people in the US getting injections.

Botox is like Kleenex, meaning it is a brand name and just like there are several different companies who produce and sell tissues, there are many different brand names for the botulinum toxin that is used for crow’s feet and frown lines.  For simplicity sake, we will just use the term Botox.

For some, Botox is the magic bullet to staying young looking. For others, it is too scary to consider. So how do you know if Botox is right for you?

Here are some Myths and Truths about Botox that may help you decide.

MYTH: Botox is poisonous
FACT: Botulinum toxin can cause botulism if ingested and this is very serious. But Botox is formulated form Botulinum toxin A but is purified so that it is safe to be injected. When administered by a qualified doctor using appropriate quantities it is quite safe.  You should advise your physician of your health history and current medical conditions or medications you are taking.

MYTH: Getting Botox requires surgery.
FACT: Botox is given using very small needles and is minimally invasive.  Dr. Jennifer Fryer administers Botox here in our office and the procedure is very short – about 15 minutes with minimal discomfort.  There is no downtime.

MYTH: Once you start getting Botox you have to keep going or the wrinkles come back worse.
FACT:  This is a temporary treatment. Most patients see results for 4 – 6 months. If you do not treat the area again you will eventually see the lines come back but it will not be worse than before because  of the Botox.

MYTH: Botox is just for women.
FACT:  Men can use Botox in the same ways as women.  We have many men who are patients at Fryer Dermatology.

MYTH: Botox injections will prevent me from moving my face or showing expressions.
FACT: Botox only effects the movement of the muscles that have been injected, not your entire face. When done properly, it minimizes wrinkles while allowing facial expression.

MYTH: Botox is addictive.
FACT: There is nothing chemically addictive about Botox.  You may like how you look and want to continue to see the benefits, which in time does mean re-treatment.

MYTH: I will see the effect of Botox injections immediately.
FACT: It takes a few days, up to two weeks to truly see the impact of the Botox injections. This is why we recommend a follow up visit two weeks after your initial treatment.

MYTH: Anyone can inject me with Botox.
FACT: While many different medical practitioners may have undergone training to inject Botox, we recommend seeing a Board Certified Physician with a strong understanding of facial structure, skin and muscles.

As with any cosmetic procedure, you should discuss what you want to achieve with your physician before having treatment.  Understand what results you can expect to see. And then determine together if you are a good candidate for that procedure.

So to Botox or not to Botox? It is up to you. If you would like more information, contact us and schedule a cosmetic consult with Dr. Jennifer Fryer.