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What are the purpose dermal fillers?  How do they work?  What will I look like if I have filler “done”?  Is it right for me?  I don’t want to look overdone or plastic like.  How long will it last?  These may be just a few of the questions you have if you are considering having some cosmetic procedure done, specifically fillers.  So let us address these questions in this blog and tell you about our approach at Fryer Dermatology.

The use of fillers provides you with an opportunity to enhance your own natural beauty.  We want to know what you as the patient see when you look in the mirror.  What areas would you like to change? Then we can discuss how to achieve your goals.  Loss of volume can make you look older, so by adding back volume in certain areas of your face we can soften that look. The fillers we use in our office are for lips, cheeks, and lines and wrinkles or folds on your face.  Adding volume to these areas can help you to look younger and feel great.

The fillers we use are all made from Hyaluronic Acid. This is a substance which occurs naturally in our bodies.  You know how a baby’s skin has that soft, glowing, spongy look and feel? That is what we are trying to get back. By injecting Hyaluronic Acid fillers into certain areas, we attempt to “turn back the clock” in a way and recapture some of that young look and feel.

Your results will be immediately visible.  And while people should not look at you and say what did you have done, more likely they will think that you look relaxed, well rested, or may ask you what you have done that is different.  You may have a small amount of swelling or possible bruising but within 1 – 2 weeks that will disappear.  The impact of the treatment will last approximately 9 – 12 months, that will vary for each person and some people see results lasting longer as they repeat treatment over time.  After this time, the areas treated will just go back to the baseline of where you were before.

Dr. Jennifer Fryer stresses that listening to our patients is paramount, and she will never inject in a way that does not look natural.  At times we see patients who have had procedures elsewhere but are not seeing the changes they had expected.  Our goal is to give you honest answers about what will change, what you can expect, and help you to look and feel your best.

Call today for a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Fryer and see how fillers can help you to Pump Up the Volume and have you looking and feeling your best.